A year of crisis and resilience – Annual Report 2020-2021


Julia Davis
Julia Davis, Tenants' Union Chairperson

A year of crisis and resilience

No matter what challenges this year has thrown at us, the team at the Tenants’ Union of NSW remained focused on helping people in some of the toughest moments of their lives, many who faced the risk of losing their home in the middle of this ongoing health and economic crisis.

Like renters across NSW, our staff have shown incredible resilience in the face of crisis. Our dedicated executive along with our expert legal team, our incredible education and resources team, and our fearless policy advocates have delivered services and information online and at-home when people really needed them. While the actions and impact of the Tenants’ Union this year are too many to mention, our Annual Report covers the highlights...



Tenants' Union Annual Report cover


2020-2021 at a glance...   Page views: 5 million Users: 921,185 Factsheets unique page views: 918,167 Most popular topics: Ending tenancy early, You want to leave, Repairs and Maintenance, Bond, Landlord ends agreement.  Renters’ Guide to COVID-19  Page views: 386,590 Unique page views: 158,884  Rent Tracker postcode tool  Unique users who accessed the tool: 16,494 Users who accessed Rent Tracker pages: 20,086

Tenant News email magazine  Subscribers: 2,076  Issues over the year: 6   This Renting Life – Tenants’ Union blog  Page views: 152,945 Unique page views: 68,345 Posts over the year: 23  Media appearances  Total mainstream media appearances: 97 Print: 65 Radio: 23 TV: 9

Social media  Facebook: 7,564 followers (12% increase) Engaged users: An average of 1,667 users per month engaged with our posts, with a peak of 6,824 in May. Twitter: 2,721 followers (5% increase) Engagement: An average of 324 engagements/month  The Noticeboard – land lease communities site  Page views: 39,038 Unique page views: 15,307 Outasite print magazine: 6,000 copies distributed Outasite lite email newsletter: 1,125 subscribers  Housing News Digest email  Subscribers: 188 Issues over the year: approx 104 (two issues per week)

Advice and assistance  14,992 – total instances of advice, assistance, and referrals  Education  254 Advocates, community workers and volunteers trained  Policy and advocacy  Supporting renters through COVID; protections extended Young renters survey and report International students support Regional housing taskforce Public and community housing workshop Strategic litigation against no grounds terminations,  and in support of land lease community residents








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