The Tenants' Union and the network of Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Services (TAASs) regularly campaign for improvements in tenants' rights and for adequately funded services for tenants. One way you can contribute to improving renting in NSW is by sharing your story.


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Make Renting Fair in New South Wales

What does your home mean to you... comfort, security, shelter? Now ask yourself, how would you feel if you were told you had to leave and never told why?

For the 2 million+ renters in NSW our rental property is our home.

Currently if you rent your home in NSW you can be evicted without being given a reason. This means renters can – and do – get kicked out for things like asking for basic repairs or questioning a steep increase in the rent. Or simply because their landlord doesn’t like them. It also means many renters live in fear of losing their home and just don’t ask for their legislated rights like maintenance or repairs to be carried out.

When someone is evicted it hurts the whole community. Communities lose neighbours and friends. They lose workers, volunteers, community members – the local footie coach, the coordinator at the Council community garden, their kids’ best friends.

When someone is evicted there is always a reason. We want to make sure it’s a good one.

Join us in calling for a change to tenancy law so that when someone is evicted there is always a good reason… and a real opportunity to challenge the eviction when there is not.

It’s time things changed. Let’s make renting fair.

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More Bang For Your Bond

More Bang for Your Bond

In 2015 we campaigned for increases in funding for the TAASs. Total funding to TAASs has not increased in real terms for over 12 years. However, the number of tenants has grown by 25 per cent over that time. This has left TAASs stretched thin. Increasingly, tenants are missing out on the services they need and deserve.  We're calling for funding to TAASs to be increased now by $5.2 million per annum — and going forward, funding for TAAS should grow in line with the number of tenants in New South Wales.

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