Aboriginal Tenants Advice & Advocacy Services



Greater Sydney Aboriginal Tenants Service

Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hawkesbury, Macarthur
Phone: (02) 9833 3314
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Northern NSW Aboriginal Tenants Service

Hunter, North Coast, New England
Free call: 1800 248 913
Phone: (02) 6643 4426
Newcastle: (02) 4967 7756
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Murra Mia Southern NSW Aboriginal Tenants Service

Illawarra, South Coast, South East, Riverina, Upper and Central Murray
Free call: 1800 672 185
Phone: (02) 4472 9363
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Murra Mia Western NSW Aboriginal Tenants Service

Central West, North West, Far West NSW
Free call: 1800 810 233
Phone: (02) 6881 5700
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More information

For information about your rights as an Aboriginal tenant, call your local Aboriginal Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service above, or call your local generalist Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service.

You can also check out the Aboriginal tenants factsheets, or all the general factsheets, sample letters and other resources, or the NSW Aboriginal Tenants Advice Service website at

See also the Tenants' Union Acknowledgement of Country and Reconciliation Action Plan


Artworks on this page

The Tenants' Union was very pleased to commission a series of artworks by Aboriginal Artist Millmullian in 2015. Millmullian is a Wailwaan, Ngiyampaa and Yuin man and a proud father of eight children. He participates in Aboriginal cultural men’s business and cultural ceremony regularly. The artworks on this page are from that series. See the rest of the artworks and more about Millmullian here.

Ngurampaa (top) depicts Wawai the Rainbow Serpent travelling across country creating rivers, streams and waterholes. The animals represent all the different groups of people, their totems and their home country. The lines on the outside represent the different sacred places in each country. The dots in the border represent the eyes of the ancestors that continue to watch over all of country everywhere. It is upon this history and living culture of today that all homes exist in what is now called “Australia”.

Dhubany (bottom) is our spirit which is here represented by our totem animals. To help our spirit stay strong we need a safe place to live, a safe place to call home. The line in the middle of the animals represents our songlines that connect all our people and all our totems. We sing up our songlines to take care of ourselves, our country and our totems. In our cultural way we take care of our totems making sure our totem animals are safe and well for now and for future generations. In this way we also take care of our spirit.