Tenants' Union Annual Report 22-23


It will be no surprise that the housing crisis in NSW has dominated our work this year. I could not be more proud of how the Tenants’ Union staff have risen to meet each challenge and obstacle that has confronted renters in NSW, and I thank them for their persistence and dedication.

In a state election year, the Tenants’ Union put the renting experience on the front page and brought attention to the pressing need for comprehensive reforms. We gained an historic consensus from all parties that renting needs to be improved – including reform to no grounds evictions.

In the face of steep rent increases felt by renters across NSW, our new Rent Increase Negotiation Kit takes the most authoritative source of data on market rents, and provides renters with an evidence base and legal info to get a fair deal – by speaking directly with the agent or landlord, or at the Tribunal. Tools such as these – which help many renters to self advocate – allow us to serve a great many more people, at a time when the need for our support could not be greater.

In the wake of natural disasters, we have continued to deliver specialised support to communities affected by floods, with a particular focus on land lease communities. We also increased Outasite publication to twice yearly, allowing us to reach thousands of land lease community residents with timely info about their rights.

We know that in challenging times, community building is crucial. We presented a photography exhibition and competition, creating a community event which brought together over one hundred people, and hosted a screening of the film ‘Evicted.’

– Melissa Brooks, Chairperson

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