NSW Renters' Forums: Your chance to share what renting should look like


How often do you get asked your opinion on what renting should look like?

Against the backdrop of a crippling housing crisis, we are often asked about what we struggle with most, not necessarily what our renting aspirations are. Our woes are given more attention than our hopes.

Our upcoming Renters Forums will offer a different approach to asking and hearing renters’ voices.

Community Voice Renters' Forums

The Sydney Alliance and the Tenants’ Union of NSW, in partnership with the NSW Rental Commissioner, are hosting a series of face-to-face forums designed for and by renters. Over three sessions, the Commissioner and key policy and planning officers will listen to and learn from renters on subjects such as access to quality rental properties, cost of living, energy, and climate resilience. 

The Forums are more than just an exercise in listening. During each session, renters will be invited to discuss and devise policy solutions they think would best address issues and deliver a private rental market worth participating in.

Image with a two story house in the background, text reads Renters' Forum Sydney

Who will be attending?

  • People who rent in Sydney will share their experiences, reflections and ideas for solutions.

  • People who may not be currently renting but want to support renters. Their role will be to support the logistics of the forums and bring renters from their communities to attend.

  • The NSW Rental Commissioner, staff in relevant government departments, and local Members of Parliament, i.e., the people who have the power to progress rental reforms and solutions for the cost of living crisis, minimum standards, access to clean and affordable energy, and climate resilience.

Where will these consultation forums be held?

It doesn’t matter if you live in the area where the Forums will be held. Any renter can register and attend any session, so please pick the date and place that best suits your schedule and availability. Spots are limited, and registration is essential.

What if I don't live in Sydney?

In the second half of this year the Tenants' Union will be coordinating a number of additional forums, including in regional NSW. Watch this space for more information.

We're looking forward to hearing your perspective and ideas for making renting fairer and better for all. Hope to see you there!



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