Request to keep a pet

You can use this sample letter to request permission to keep a pet. There is no term in the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 that prohibits you from keeping a pet, or that requires you to ask for your landlord’s consent before you keep a pet. However, many landlords will include a clause restricting pets in the residential tenancy agreement (i.e. your lease), and there is no specific ban on them doing so. The standard form of the residential tenancy agreement issued by NSW Fair Trading includes additional terms which require you to have your landlord’s consent to keep animals. Additional terms may be crossed out when you and the landlord sign the agreement, but if they are not crossed out, they will apply to your agreement. For more see our guide to Renting with Pets in NSW.

Copy and paste the template letter below or download a copy from the link above. Remember to substitute your details for the details contained in [square brackets].


[Name] Real Estate 

Attention: [Property Manager]

Dear [Property Manager],

RE: Request to keep a pet

I am writing to request that I be allowed to keep a pet [dog/cat] at my rental property [Address]. Under the current terms of the lease, a [dog/cat] is permitted with the approval of the landlord and I am willing to comply with the requirements for me as a pet owner outlined in terms 54 and 55 of the lease. [Check your lease]

[Optional inclusion: I plan to enrol my dog in obedience school to ensure it is well behaved and well socialised to the community and other animals.]

[Optional inclusion: I will take into consideration the property when selecting an appropriate pet.]

[Optional inclusion: I am looking for a pet that will interact with people and other animals in a calm and considerate way. [You could mention the breed you are interested in and some of their typical characteristics e.g. I would like to find a labrador or labrador cross, as they are known to be friendly and easy-going.]]

[Optional inclusion: I will spend a significant amount of time with my [dog/cat] as I work from home the majority of the week.]

[Optional inclusion: My [dog/cat] will have appropriate exercise, socialisation and outside stimulation.]

[Optional inclusion: I will ensure my [dog/cat] has appropriate flea and worming treatment as well as vaccinations and is registered with the local Council.]

[Optional inclusion: A [dog/cat] will  benefit my personal mental health and overall wellbeing. [Explain how e.g. I live alone and the companionship a [dog/cat] could provide would really improve my quality of life.]]

I would be grateful to the landlord if they approve my request. Please let me know what the landlord has decided by [date]. 

Yours faithfully,

[Your name]

[Your address]