National 9 Principles for Strengthening Renters' Rights


The National Association of Renters’ Organisations (NARO) is a federation of State and Territory based Tenants’ Unions and Tenant Advice Services across Australia. Our membership comprises Tenants Queensland, the Tenants’ Union of New South Wales, the Tenants’ Union of Tasmania, Tenants Victoria, Circle Green Legal Centre WA, and the Darwin Community Legal Service.

We are the country's leading voice representing the interests of people who rent their homes in our respective jurisdictions, and are experts in the application of residential tenancy law. Collectively, we resource, co-ordinate or directly provide advice regarding more than 80,000 tenancy issues each year. This report was chiefly authored and coordinated for NARO by Deb Pippen, Policy and Research Coordinator at ACT Shelter and former executive officer of Tenants’ Union ACT. NARO thanks ACT Shelter for the contribution of Deb Pippen's long standing expertise and experience to this report.

This brief report provides expert guidance for the national proposal being developed by Housing Ministers for consideration within the National Cabinet to improve our rental housing system and better ensure renters have access to safe, affordable, and secure homes. Our services are community legal centres funded by both levels of government which offer experience and expertise on renting law and practice, as well as informed comment on renters' experiences across Australian states and territories. This is the perfect opportunity for governments to directly benefit from the experience of services they resource in relation to issues that have been somewhat outside the usual remit of the Federal Government.

The Principles are:

  1. Stability
  2. Affordability
  3. Liveability
  4. Compliance & accountability
  5. Security of Tenants’ Money
  6. Private information
  7. Advice & advocacy
  8. Universality of protections
  9. Using data to inform policy